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Buying and selling

and specializing in

coins and stamps

for beginners and

advanced collectors.


Gold & Silver Bullion

available also.

  The long term bull

  market for gold and

  silver is intact.


   500 Silver Eagles

 purchasing a home

   in the future


   Owning precious

 metals is recommended

  as one way to protect


  Check out Hillsdale

 College...Economics 101

Lady Liberty pictured

on our  coinage

With an Native American head dress


Let us introduce ourselves....

We, Allan and Lois Crawford, are proprietors of California Coin and Stamp, located in San Luis Obispo, CA. since 1992.

Our business originated in Oakland, CA in 1977 with the specific goal, then and now, of serving collectors....both the beginner and the serious collector.....both buyer and seller.

It would be also a place where gold, silver and platinum bullion could be bought and sold based on accurate industry pricing.

We planned it to be a store where nice, problem free, professionally graded and fairly priced coins and stamps and currency would be available, along with assorted supplies related to the hobbies .

 And of course the customer would be waited upon by a friendly staff....usually the two of us!.

Since then we have helped many....young and old.. develop always good looking  and sometimes valuable collections depending on how much has been invested. Educating our customers is always a priority with us....helping them to collect wisely.....

 In addition we take very seriously the responsibility to help them to understand why adding gold or silver or both to their portfolios is a wise step especially now in what appears to be an uncertain economical situation facing our country.

What else....oh yes, coins and currency can be submitted to NGC or ANACS for professional grading or authentication through our store. end this introduction here is a little bit about the key player in the business...

speaking now of Allan Crawford....

Allan graduated with an Industrial Engineering degree from U C Berkeley in 1952 after serving

in the Navy until the end of WW II.

He is a lifetime collector of both coins and stamps....a Life member of the American Numismatic Association, # 981....he is  trained in grading coins of all types through ANA seminars as well as a lifetime of experience....he is as well a member of the American Philatelic Society.

 He spends as much time as is needed when working with a client, explaining and demonstrating the way a coin or stamp is graded, why it is priced as it is.

And whether buying and selling, you will be talking to  an

 expert who would also like it to be known that he was an

 active Rotarian for fifty years and now has an honorary

 status with a local club.


So finally when you walk through our door

 you will be greeted as a friend

which indeed is how we see you!!!

Hours Tuesday through Friday 10 am - 4 pm

Saturdays 10 am - 2 pm

Mondays 1 - 4 pm, please call first


 Here are several very nice reviews found on Google:

Susan Crawford:    "We took in some jewelry to sell, and fell in love with this little shop. It's sort of like stepping back to a kinder, gentler time (to borrow a phrase). There is a great old guy who owns the shop - Mr. Crawford (no relation ;). When you walk through the door, even if he is with other customers, he will say, "Hello folks, be right with you!" You hardly ever see such gracious friendliness anymore. But it's right here in this little shop, and there's also a lot of neat coins and stamps to look at. Pay them a visit sometime! :)"


"Called and got a message saying that he's open Tuesday - Saturday and that they might be there on Monday afternoon so we showed up about 1:30 on Monday and he was open. A great COMPLETE selection of US and World coins fairly priced. The staff was most pleasant and dug out items from the back which were of interest. I wish that they were open past 4:00 today as I would have liked to have seen more. I will be back on another trip. Forget the other so-called coin/stamp shop in SLO and go to this SERIOUS store. FIVE stars all the way!"


"Came in with thirty dollars, not sure what I wanted. The couple that owns the shop helped me leave very satisfied! There is a wide selection at varying prices, some only a couple of dollars."
Pros: Coins, Numismatics, Service, Atmosphere

"Easy to work with, nice, and very helpful."


"I took in some silver and birth year coin sets to sell, the gentleman running the shop was very kind. Great experience!"



Telephone 805-541-8775

Fax 805-541-8776

253 B Granada Drive, San Luis Obispo, Ca 93401

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